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Sound Samples:
The Things I Love:Sound Sample
Seems Like Old Times:Sound Sample
Wait Till You See Him :Sound Sample
I'm Through With Love:Sound Sample
The Boy Next Door:Sound Sample





Richard Rogers (m) & Lorenz Hart (w) Piedmont Music Corp (Garrick Gaieties) -1925

THE THINGS I LOVE:Sound Sample Harold Barlowe (m) Lew Harris (w) Vixen Music UK Ltd..
NEW YORK, NEW YORK John Kander (m) & Fred Ebb (w) EMI Unart Catalogue (New York, New York)-1977
THE PARTY'S OVER Jule Styne (m) & Betty Comden & Adolph Green (w) Stratford Music (Bells Are Ringing)-1966
SEEMS LIKE OLD TIMES:Sound Sample Carmen Lombardo & John J. Loeb (w&m) BMG Gold Songs & Flojam Music Publishers
AUTUMN IN NEW YORK/WHEN THE WORLD WAS YOUNG Vernon Duke (m) & E.Y. Harburg (w) Kay Duke Music M. Philippe-Gerard (m) & Johnny Mercer (w) Criterion Music
MY BEST GIRL Jerry Herman (m & w) JerryCo Music Co. (Mame)-1966
PURE IMAGINATION Anthony Newley (m) & Leslie Bricusse (w) BMI International (Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory)- 1955
WAIT TILL YOU SEE HIM:Sound Sample Richard Rogers (m) & Lorenz Hart (w) Chappell Co., Inc. & Williamson Music (By Jupiter) - 1942
I'M THROUGH WITH LOVE:Sound Sample Gus Kahn (m) & Joseph A Livingston & Matt Malneck (w) EMI Robbins Catalogue / Guilbert Keyes Music Co. (Some Like It Hot) - 1959
THE BOY NEXT DOOR:Sound Sample Hugh Martin (m) & Ralph Blane (w) Chappell Co.,Inc. (Meet Me In St. Louis) - 1944
ONE (Sensation Singular) / WHAT I DID FOR LOVE Marvin Hamlisch (m) & Edward Kleban (w) American Compass Music & Wren Music Co. (A Chorus Line) - 1975
WHAT ARE YOU DOING MEW YEARS EVE? Frank Loesser (m&w) Frank Music Corp.

I first laid eyes on this fabulous city back in 1944 on a trip with my dad. I was 14 years old, and on the day we arrived the annual All Gershwin Concert was being performed in Lewisohn Stadium up near Columbia Univ. I got my ticket and couldn't believe my good luck as Gershwin was like a God to an aspiring young pianist. The Gershwin family sat in the front row, Oscar Levant played the piano, and at the very end 18,000 people stood up under the stars singing and humming along to "Summertime," and "Bess You Is My Woman", Woody Allen would later capture this concert on film in the opening scenes of "Manhattan."

My second encounter was in 1953 when as a newly minted Navy Ensign I was sent to New York for 9 months training. We lived on Staten Island and took the ferry over to Manhattan as often as we could for free tickets to concerts and plays courtesy of the Armed Services YMCA. We filled every available hour with these memories and continue to carry them to this very day.


The Things I Love was the original theme song of the 3 Suns, a famous accordion, organ, guitar trio of the 1940s who did a weekly radio show from The Circus Lounge of the Piccadilly Hotel on West 45th St. Autumn In New York is a quintessential New York ballad written by Vernon Duke. The Party's Over was made famous by Judy Holliday in the 1960 Broadway play Bells Are Ringing. Seems Like Old Times was not only the theme song of Arthur Godfrey's morning radio show from New York in the 1940s but it also appeared in Woody Allen's movie, Annie Hall, sung by Diane Keaton in a seedy NY bar scene. What Are You Doing New Year's calls to mind the annual New Years's Eve Gala in Times Square. Other selections include I'm Through With Love, The Boy NextDoor, New York, New York, Wait Till You See Him, and more...

So sit back, relax, and enjoy!.

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