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C/P GGC - "The Greatest Generation Collection"

COCKTAIL PIANO Discount PAK - “The Greatest Generation Collection“;

A Gift idea for members of “The Greatest Generation”

The focal point of the Cocktail Piano series has always been the Great American Standards made popular during the WW2 years. If you think of Tom Brokaw's book, "The Greatest Generation", as the written account then our, "Greatest Generation" 15-CD collection would surely be the perfect soundtrack.

Here is a gift those of the Greatest Generation will relate to from the moment they hear the first song. It will bring back memories of their younger days -- of the big bands and high school dances of the 1930s and 1940s. It will certainly remind them of the heady days of World War II. A time when young women went into war production jobs, Scout troops collected scrap iron for the war effort and “Fireside Chats” with the President on the radio at night unified the country against the enemies of freedom.

We know from the many replies we have received from our customers over the years that these CDs are played over and over at dinner parties, while reading, playing bridge, or when driving in the car. Our many listeners tell us that it also has powerful stress relieving qualities.

This “Greatest Generation” series is the perfect gift that keeps on giving with
hours and hours of music (260 songs) at a sale price of only $240 incl shipping in the USA. International price is $260.00

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A choice of 15 albums listed below are part of the COCKTAIL PIANO Discount PAK - “The Greatest Generation Collection“. So sit back, relax, and enjoy!

Try out the sound samples, order a copy, and plan your next party.

Cocktail Piano I

Cocktail Piano II

Cocktail Piano III

Cocktail Piano IV

Cocktail Piano V

Cocktail Piano VI

Cocktail Piano VII

"By Request" Cocktail Piano 8

"You Must Believe In Spring" Cocktail Piano 9

"Sentimental Journey" Cocktail Piano 10

"When October Goes" Cocktail Piano 11

"Four Seasons" Cocktail Piano 12

"A Time For Love" Cocktail Piano 13

“So Nice To Come To” Cocktail Piano 14

“NEW YORK, NEW YORK” Cocktail Piano 15"Our Newest"

Does Show Tunes *

Remembers Songs of WWII *

Goes to the Movies *

Christmas Piano *

Salutes the 70s *

NEW Discount package for any 15 albums "The Greatest Generation Collection"

* These albums are normally not part of the original albums. You can request to subsitute any two of these to make up the 15.